Redeeming Pleasure

How the pursuit of pleasure mirrors our hunger for God.

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Pleasure. We hear about it, we think about it, and we look for it. Constantly. But why do so few of us ever seem to really experience it? Is it possible to satisfy our deepest cravings for lasting satisfaction? The answer is yes! But it might surprise you as to why. Author Jeremy Jernigan takes readers back to the very beginning and to the root of God's intention for pleasure. Through personal stories, practical insights, and a depth of wisdom culled from thinkers both ancient and modern, Jernigan reimagines pleasure and unmasks its deceptive allure.

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"By pursuing pleasure on God's terms we experience more of it."

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This plan helps to rethink the Biblical view of pleasure and shows how our pursuit of pleasure mirrors our pursuit of God. By revisiting the goodness of God in Scripture, we also see one of His greatest parts of creation emerge anew. This is the “life to the full” Jesus told us about.

What Others Are Saying

Redeeming Pleasure is not only a great read but a must read if we want to align ourselves with God's goodness and His gift of pleasure.


Rick Rusaw

Author | The Externally Focused Life

Jeremy is addressing a subject that we desperately need to give our attention to as Christians living in an increasingly pleasure obsessed culture.


Kyle Idleman

Author | Not a Fan

Jeremy Jernigan’s fresh insight into pursuing a life that follows God’s plan is energizing and inspirational. If you’re looking for a book that details the truth of finding true joy and pleasure in life, then this is a must read.


Pete Wilson

Author | Plan B

Redeeming Pleasure provides us with a thoughtful and well-written exploration of divine delight.


Brian Zahnd

Author | A Farewell to Mars

This is a book that has the power to revolutionize the way you think and beautifully transform the way you live. It is simply a MUST read!


Greg Boyd

Author | Letters From a Skeptic

I really believe this work will help many believers live more pleasurable lives because pleasure and joy come from God!


Tyler Reagin

President | Catalyst

For those of us who want to live life to the fullest, Redeeming Pleasure shows us how, in ways we might never expect. Full of wisdom, humour, and honesty, I'm happy to recommend Jeremy Jernigan as someone well worth paying attention to.


Bruxy Cavey

Author | The End of Religion

Clearly points us to the more fuller and expansive life Jesus promises... such an incredible read!


Steve Carter

Teaching Pastor| Willow Creek

Offers life-giving perspective that will inspire, challenge and free you deep in your soul.


Gene Appel

Pastor of Eastside-Anaheim

About Jeremy Jernigan

Jeremy serves as the Lead Pastor of Abundant Life Church in Portland, Oregon. He’s a second-generation preacher with a passion for discovering and communicating truth. Jeremy graduated from Hope International University and is currently working on his Masters of Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Jeremy married his high school sweetheart Michelle and together they have five kids. He’s a voracious reader and has a borderline obsession for the Yankees (each of his kids have a middle name from a Yankee player). This is an indication of his level of commitment as a fan, and what a gem he found in Michelle.


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"Choosing between God or pleasure? Grab a copy of #RedeemingPleasure from @jeremyjernigan and experience both."